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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lebenswissen­schaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Psychologie


Current projects


Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess:

Interaction Dynamics in EverydAy Life: From individual decisions to adaptive systems (IDEAL) (Grant proposal German Research Foundation (DFG) Excellence Initiative)

The functional equivalence hypothesis

Mimicry and empathy

The social signal function of emotions (in collaboration with Shlomo Hareli, University of Haifa)

Cultural factors that influence the perception of emotions

The perception of emotions shown by the elderly

The impact of emotions in the organizational context

Dr. Christophe Blaison:

Affective judgment in spatial context

Affect Mapping Tools

Affective empathy and terror management

Emotion perception bias in aggressive children

Dr. Ulrich Klocke

Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination

Belief in a Free Will

Interpersonal Liking, Dissent, and Opinion Exchange in Group Decision Making

The Inconsistency of the Preference for Consistency: Different Facets Have Different Effects on Processing and Behavior

Effects of Influence Tactics and Power Bases on Group Problem Solving

Environmental Attitudes and Behavior

Dr. Jens Nachtwei
Benchmark für Assessment Center Diagnostik (BACDi)

Längsschnittstudie Entrepreneur Diagnostik (LED)

Slim-Line Assessment Center (SlimAC)

ProSuite-HR (PSHR)


Dr. Annedore Schulze

Interpersonal and intercultural conflicts

Conflict management and innovation performance

Managing intercultural conflicts

Past projects

Dr. Klocke

Effects of Influence Tactics and Power Bases on Group Problem Solving

Environmental attitudes and behavior


Aufzählungszeichen Macht- und Einflussprozesse ( Scholl, Klocke)

Aufzählungszeichen Gruppenforschung ( Scholl, Klocke)

Aufzählungszeichen Mobilitätsforschung ( Scholl, Bachmann, Klocke, Prasse)

Aufzählungszeichen Emotionale Leistung ( Turß)

Aufzählungszeichen The Discussion Coding System (Schermuly)

Forschungsprojekte, die unter  Mitwirkung von Prof. i.R. Dr.Scholl  fortgeführt werden, finden Sie  hier.