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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lebenswissen­schaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Psychologie

Environmental attitudes and behavior

Which variables promote pro-environmental intentions and behaviors? How important are general environmental awareness and specific attitudes toward pro-environmental behaviors? How do environmental attitudes change over the years and with advancing age?

We studied these questions with regard to the separation of organic refuse by means of an organic waste collection bin (Klocke & Wagner, 2000). In addition, we investigated attitudes toward mobility and young people’s mobility behavior within a five year longitudinal study (Klocke, Gawronsky, & Scholl, 2001; Klocke, 2002). Apart from predictors of the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1985), additional predictors have also been taken into account,  including values, preferences concerning car use, acceptance of responsibility, as well as situational factors.

Klocke, U. (2002). Bedingungen umweltrelevanter Mobilitätsentscheidungen: Umweltschutz durch staatliche Maßnahmen, bei der individuellen Verkehrsmittelwahl und beim Autokauf. In W. Scholl & H. Sydow (Hrsg.), Mobilität im Jugend- und Erwachsenenalter (S. 424-469). Münster: Waxmann. [Determinants of environmentally relevant decisions on mobility issues: Environmental protection by state measures, individual choice of means of transport and car buying]

Klocke, U., Gawronski, B., & Scholl, W. (2001). Einstellungen zu Umwelt und Mobilität bei Jugendlichen: Gesellschaftliche Trends, Generationenunterschiede und Alterseffekte. Umweltpsychologie, 5 (2), 10-33. [Young peoples’ attitudes towards environmental and mobility issues: Societal trends, generation differences and age related changes]

Klocke, U. & Wagner, U. (2000). Bedingungen umweltbewussten Verhaltens bei der Anschaffung einer Biotonne. Umweltpsychologie, 4 (2), 68-83. [Determinants of pro-environmental behavior: Why do people acquire a bio bin to recycle their organic refuse?]

Ajzen, I. (1985). From intentions to actions: A theory of planned behavior. In: J. Kuhl & J. Beckman (Hrsg.), Action-control: From cognition to behavior. Heidelberg: Springer, 11-39.