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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lebenswissen­schaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Psychologie





Feelings in balance - New methodological approaches in childhood and youth [Gefühle im Gleichgewicht - GIG]

How we deal with feelings in the moment influences how we feel in the long term: Can we reduce or endure fear, for example? Or does it overwhelm us? Of course, this coping or regulation of emotions does not only affect adults, but also children and adolescents. However, the assessment of so-called emotion-regulation is still lacking in children and adolescents. Additionally, children and youths' emotion regulation is highly dependent on the social environment. Therefore, parents' influences on their offspring's emotion regulation is further examined. The study is conducted as an experimental online study using case vignettes with children and youth between 10 and 17 years.

Bearbeitungszeitraum: ab Juni 2021

Stressfrei nach Corona: Ein psychologisches Hilfsprogramm

Psychological distress in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic may be caused by many sources such as threat to physical health (i.e. the virus itself), restriced social interactions, restricted civil rights, long crisis duration and high economic uncertainty. We aim to map the unique psychological signature of this novel event in children, youth, and adults, its impact on individuals and societies from a clinical perspective and to apply a stepped-care approach with a scalable online treatment, followed by a group face-to-face intervention for individuals presenting with residual symptoms. A master thesis will target the effects of online treament on parents of children.

Bearbeitungszeitraum: ab Juni 2021


Mastermind: Vocal arousal in the context of emotion regulation and stress

Our voice is central in conveying information about the speaker's emotional state. However, little is known about the relation between vocal and emotional regulation, especially in relation to psychopathological symptoms. An experimental stress task will be conducted in young adults to assess potential effects of conscious regulation of vocal and emotional arousal in a social stress task. Potentially, both a master and a bachelor thesis can approach this topic.

Bearbeitungszeitraum: offen


Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte bei Prof. Dr. Julia Asbrand: julia.asbrand@hu-berlin.de